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This Week I Want…

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Democracy of Nevermind Parka
Unearthen Ring
DVF Lytton Spotted Haircalf Clutch
Maison Scotch La Parisienne Patchwork Skinny Jeans
Juliet & Co Tordu Necklace

Color Blocking: Red

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Spotlight: Iori Tomita

This is the work of Japanese artist Iori Tomita. The process of dying the specimens is too scientific for me to accurately explain, so here is Trendland’s breakdown of the process:

“Tomita first removes the scales and skin of fish that have been preserved in formaldehyde, he leaves the organism to soak in a mixture of blue stain, ethyl alcohol, and glacial acetic acid before utilizing the enzyme trypsin to break down protein and muscles, stopping the reaction as soon as they become transparent but before they lose their form. The bones are then stained by soaking the fish in a combination of potassium hydroxide and red dye, before the specimen is preserved in glycerin.”


Pretty amazing, don’t you think?


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Spotlight: Humans of New York

The man’s an architect, the woman’s a painter, and I’m going to go ahead and assume the baby’s a model.

She’ll grow into it.

“My story? Well…I style hair, I”m a go-go dancer, I used to be a lady, things like that.”

“I’m straight, but I work in a gay bar so I’m not allowed to wear a shirt.”

“I’m 99 years old. Everything from my neck down is shit. But everything from my neck up is as good as anyone else. How lucky is that?”

I told him I wanted to take his photograph because he looked like a composer. In reality, it’s because I saw him slip a homeless man a $20 bill five minutes earlier.

He makes an awesome portrait. But you know what I remember most about him? When I tapped him on the shoulder, and said, “Excuse me,” he answered: “Yes, sir?”

“Everyone’s gonna love you.”
“Everyone already loves us. We’re the two most adorable ladies on the Upper East Side.”

Me: “Are you married?”
Man: “No, we’re lovers.”
Woman: “He wasn’t joking.”

“We’re learning about angles.”

Brandon Stanton, the brains behind Humans of New York, photographs the moments that are seldom acknowledged–the candid shot of a sweet goodbye, the couple sleeping entwined on a park bench, or the grandfather helping his grandson with his homework. One thing is certain: HONY subjects have an indescribable spark. It may be in the way that they care for a friend, or interact with a stranger, or in the way that they laugh, or argue, or maybe just in the way they walk down the street. No matter the tip-off, something in each of Stanton’s subjects says, “I’ve got a really great story to tell, you need only stop and listen.” In the middle of a crowded city, strangers tend to make the lonely lonelier, and Humans of New York makes every stranger on the street feel like a friend that you just haven’t met yet.

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The perfect Sunday song.

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Today Feels Like:

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Today feels like sugary cereal and a breath of fresh air.

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This commercial is to other commercials what a milkshake is to a glass of milk.

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Judge A Book By Its Cover

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