This is the Viking symbol Inguz. It means “where there is a will, there is a way”

And last, but not least, my left wrist. It’s been a part of me since I was 16.

The best tattoos are the quiet ones. The ones that whisper instead of shout. The ones that are thoughtful and unexpected. The best tattoos aren’t really tattoos at all, they’re as seamless as a freckle, and as natural as can be.

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3 thoughts on “Ink

  1. Tim O'lancy says:

    אמון means faith (if you read hebrew the last letter is a nun sofit, which is the same as your fourth letter. What are the extra two letters? If they are dalet, vav, then it means tubes, and if it is rash, vav, then I don’t know what the word is (but it is certainly not “faith”). Do you speak Hebrew? Is there something I’m not seeing in the picture?

    You are very creative. I love your work as well as your perspective on subtlety that you mentioned regarding tattoos.

  2. Wallace says:

    From the pretty extensive research I’ve done, “faith” can be translated in multiple ways. The translation inscribed on my wrist is closer to “faith, belief, or confidence”. Google translates it like this: אמונה, and that is exactly as it appears on my wrist.

    • Hilah says:

      Hi Wallace,

      This is a neat site. I found it by You are right about אמונה which is the same thing (just a different part of language) as אמון … Hebrew words go by the “root,” three letters that make the word even in between beginnings and endings to create a noun, adjective etc…

      I hate to say it, though, that your tattoo is mis-spelled (because the “hay”… last letter… is definitely formed incorrectly). that very last line needs to be under the arch of the letter and about half the height. you can see how it should be in the word you posted and can see that it is two different things in Hebrew. This one line changes the whole meaning in the word. Kind of relevant and interesting to think about in the context of this look at simplicity and subtly… Also makes it easy to get laser’d and fixed.

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