Think About It: Herbal Remedies


Last week I went to Las Vegas. The trip was wonderful, I got to see my mom (and I don’t get to do that nearly enough). By the last day, however, I was feeling the effects of the cesspool that is Sin City. My throat was scratchy, my head ached, and getting out of bed felt akin to running a marathon. So, I did what I always do when I start to feel myself getting sick: I powered down on a concoction I’ve developed myself and aptly named my “potion.”

Here’s what it entails:

1) Vitamin C : I like to drink a LOT of apple juice (which can, depending on the brand, have more vitamin C than orange juice!), but if you’d prefer to take the pill versions, those work just as well.
2) Echinacea and Zinc : I take tablets of each a couple of times per day, with a full glass of water. I like these, but I’m sure any will do.
3) This is the most important part: Drink tea with a large dollop of honey. Lots and lots of tea, lots and lots of honey. This is my favorite sort of tea, it comes in these little pouches with little woven strings. I’m not doing them justice…just trust me, they’re as luxurious as tea bags get, ok?
4) Turn off the lights, pull the curtains closed, create a nest of blankets, wear sweatpants, and watch something juicy (Downton Abbey has served me well).
5) Really there is no #5, but it seems that there should be, does it not?

*That lovely teacup above is by Alice Maplesden

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One thought on “Think About It: Herbal Remedies

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