Spotlight: Enrique Gomez de Molina

Miami-based artist Enrique Gomez de Molina dismembers taxidermy animals and splices them back together. The effect is startling, but as I continue to stare at them I find myself willingly transported to a Pan’s Labyrinth sort of fantasy land (and I don’t hate it).

Molina was recently sentenced to 20 months in federal prison for illegally importing animal specimens (some of which were considered threatened species). On top of the jail time, Molina was required to pay a $6,000 fee and cede all of the illegally trafficked animals to government officials. The illegally imported animals ranged from a King Cobra to a Slow Loris, and were smuggled in everywhere from Bali to Canada.

Aside from the obvious illegality of the sculptures, I think they’re mesmerizing. Like a dreamworld version of the Museum of Natural History.

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