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Lessons Learned from My Wedding

On our wedding day, our wedding planner (the goddess Paige of Bash, Please) told a very anxious about-to-walk-down-the-aisle me to “just do what feels natural.” She told me to go with the flow, to be myself, and most importantly, to relax. So when my heels started sinking into the grass, I ditched my shoes. And by “ditched my shoes” I mean I literally took them off just before I was going to say my vows. In front of everyone. Because it felt like the right thing to do. I knew that if I didn’t take them off I’d be focused on my shoes and not on my vows. And you know what? It was totally fine. It got a few chuckles from the front row, and I read my vows with sincerity and focus.

Kelsie + Benjy-3 2Kelsie + Benjy-15 2

Focus on the big things first. When we got engaged, we dove right into the planning process. As much as I wanted to focus on the details (like the papergoods, decor, etc.) I knew I’d be better off going from macro first to micro later. Almost immediately we booked our wedding planners (Bash, Please), our venue (The Ojai Valley Inn), and bought the dress (from Monique Lhullier). Once the big things were done, I was able to focus on the smaller things, and even more importantly, I was able to envision how each detail would fit into the larger picture.

Kelsie + Benjy-89 Kelsie + Benjy-138 Kelsie + Benjy-152 Kelsie + Benjy-251

Our wedding party was a collection of our oldest, nearest, and dearest friends. I chose my bridesmaids based on who I thought would be in my life forever. I took it very seriously, and felt honored and blessed to have such wonderful people standing up there with us as we said our vows.

Kelsie + Benjy-282 Kelsie + Benjy-527 Kelsie + Benjy-399 Kelsie + Benjy-407

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Things will go wrong. I took off my shoes, my bustle ripped on the dance floor, the band mixed up the mother/son & father/daughter dance songs. But those moments add character. The mix-ups remind us that this is real life, this is happening. Don’t sweat it, because at a wedding full of love and happiness, nobody really notices the bumpy bits anyway.

Kelsie + Benjy-499 Kelsie + Benjy-422 Kelsie + Benjy-523Kelsie + Benjy-563Kelsie + Benjy-520Kelsie + Benjy-602Kelsie + Benjy-747 Kelsie + Benjy-744
Party like it’s 1999. My wedding was, without a doubt, the most fun night of my entire life. I felt so loved, so honored, so full-to-the-brim. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Photography: Paige Jones Dress: Monique Lhullier Venue: Ojai Valley Inn Wedding Planning: Bash, Please Florals: Twig + Twine Papergoods: Page Stationery

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Travel: Staying Healthy

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I don’t know about you, but for me the holidays mean a lot of plane travel. Over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about how to avoid sickness, skin irritation, and overall travel fatigue.

Step One: Supplements

About a week before a flight I power down on what I like to call my “potion”. I take Zinc and Echinacea a couple of times a day with a large glass of water. In addition to the supplements, I drink as much tea as possible. I’m a pretty standard Earl Grey/English Breakfast kind of girl, but sometimes I switch it up for something lovely and floral. No matter the type of tea, I always add a generous dollop of honey (which is not only sweet, but also a highly beneficial antioxidant).

Step Two: Beauty

I maintain a very consistent beauty routine (the oil cleansing method, which I wrote about here). But in the days leading up to a flight I take it up a notch. Before bed (and with a clean, makeup-free face) I’ll apply the Origins Active Charcoal Mask. The charcoal in the mask lifts all of the impurities out of your skin (really, you’ll feel it tingling, it’s fantastic), and leaves your skin feeling deeply cleaned. After rinsing off the mask, I generously apply Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream before getting into bed. On the day of the flight, I wear a generous layer of face lotion and minimal makeup. Throughout the flight I’ll spritz my face with C.O. Bigelow’s Vitamin Boost Toner as often as possible. You can spray it on right over your makeup, and it’ll leave your skin feeling refreshed. Wash your face as soon as you’ve arrived at your destination, reapply lotion, and you’ll be good to go!

Do you have any surefire travel wellness techniques? I’d love to hear about them!

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Beauty: Getting the Snips

I don’t know about you, but occasionally I need to switch it up. I’ve had long hair forever, and honestly, sometimes it drives me nuts. It’s just all up in my grill, you know? So, yesterday I cut it off. A solid 10 inches to be exact.

I went from this:

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 11.11.13 AM

To this:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I’m a whole new woman!

Have you ever cut all of your hair off? I want to hear about it! (The good, the bad, and the ugly, all stories are welcome!)

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Spotlight: What My Daughter Wore








Brooklyn artist Jennifer Williams documents the daily outfit choices of her daughters and their friends for her blog What My Daughter Wore.

Let’s get real here: Williams is one hell of an illustrator, and her kids are too cool for school. I mean, a Madonna tee with a fur coat on top? Ray Ban specs and a floral crown? Get outta town! Let’s all be friends.

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It’s A Process: My Wedding Invitations


When it came to our wedding invitations, I knew I wanted something old school and classic but with a funky edge. The wording had to be formal, and there most certainly had to be some calligraphy involved. I wanted a dalmatian print backer and envelope liner, thick card stock, a monogram, and above all, letterpress printing. After searching high and low, I found Page Stationery. All I can really say about the folks over at Page is that they picked up exactly what I was putting down. We clicked. Best friends forever.

Long story short, after much patience (on their part) and 1,000,000 rounds of edits, a big box showed up on my doorstep. I cried when I saw them for the first time. The wedding could now go on, because I had my invitations, and they were perfect.


We hired Anne Robin to do our calligraphy, and I chose three good men for our stamps.


And last, but not least, I had our monogram made into a wax seal. Because really, why not?



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It’s A Process: My Wedding Monogram

When we first got engaged, we enlisted the wedding planning help of the goddesses over at Bash, Please. In our first meeting they asked me to list the elements of the wedding (food, band, dress, decor, etc.) in order from most important, to least important. Without a moment’s hesitation I wrote “PAPER” right at the top.

Step One: Designing the Monogram

This part of the process was the most integral for me, because it would be the element that I built everything else around. My first initial is K, and my groom’s: B. I started playing with ways to intertwine the two.

wedding-mono-1Each monogram I tried just looked wrong. Close, but no cigar. I’d get there eventually.

KB-Wedding-MonogramAnd then just like that, our wedding monogram emerged. The roman numerals spell out our wedding date (10.26.2013).

Tomorrow I’ll be comin’ at ya with a Part 2 of the wedding papergoods saga (finding a printer, creating the invitations, and one million rounds of edits). Stay tuned!

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This and That



A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.

This: a piece by Devin Powers
That: a look from Celine F/W 2013
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How To: Apple Raspberry Pie


I’m a sucker for a good pie. And it’s not just the eating that gets me, its the making. The measuring, kneading, rolling, chopping, filling, baking, is just downright cathartic. So last week in the midst of holiday madness, I spent an afternoon baking a really fantastic (if I do say so myself) apple raspberry pie. Here’s how: Continue reading

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