Think About It: Fresh Ink

InkI love subtle tattoos. The ones that you don’t notice at first glance. They’re private, and a little bit surprising.

When Benjy and I got married a couple of months ago, we decided to get matching tattoos similar to the lines in the bottom image above. The first ring we’ll get for one another, to signify our marriage. For each of our children we’ll add another band, like the rings of a tree.

Do you have any tattoos? Any tattoos you’d like to get? Share your stories in the comments section!

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2 thoughts on “Think About It: Fresh Ink

  1. As your mom I wouldn’t call those exactly subtle. If they were in a less conspicuous location like your other tats they would be subtle. I love the idea of the rings. I am not sure that 50 years down the road you guys will.



  2. First of all, I love that mama Spann chimed in here. My mother would have the same advice. Aw, mother’s wisdom.

    I fully support the ‘rings of life’ idea. I love the idea of getting tattoos that represent milestones in one’s life. Plus, I know you envision to go for thin bands which is definitely the classy approach. Benj will probably have bulkier, masculine bands.

    I’m into the tiny triangles! Love that. I’ve wanted that for a while, but as you know from a first hand experience at a Parisian tattoo parlor – I am big wuss when it comes to getting inked.

    And to piggy-back on mama Spann’s comment – 50 years down the line, you probably won’t like them, and you might even regret them but hey, that’s what long sleeves are for! Just don’t retire in Florida.

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