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It’s A Process: My Wedding Monogram

When we first got engaged, we enlisted the wedding planning help of the goddesses over at Bash, Please. In our first meeting they asked me to list the elements of the wedding (food, band, dress, decor, etc.) in order from most important, to least important. Without a moment’s hesitation I wrote “PAPER” right at the top.

Step One: Designing the Monogram

This part of the process was the most integral for me, because it would be the element that I built everything else around. My first initial is K, and my groom’s: B. I started playing with ways to intertwine the two.

wedding-mono-1Each monogram I tried just looked wrong. Close, but no cigar. I’d get there eventually.

KB-Wedding-MonogramAnd then just like that, our wedding monogram emerged. The roman numerals spell out our wedding date (10.26.2013).

Tomorrow I’ll be comin’ at ya with a Part 2 of the wedding papergoods saga (finding a printer, creating the invitations, and one million rounds of edits). Stay tuned!

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